How I Work

Modern Analytic Group Psychotherapy

Philosophy of Therapy

While having insight and catharsis (releasing of emotions) are important in the process of psychotherapy, they often are not enough to make significant changes in your life. You must also overcome the blocks and resistances that are preventing you from growing and having the life you want.

Part of our work together focuses on helping you come to fully honor, accept, and express your thoughts and feelings in words. Many of the roadblocks people encounter in their lives are due to a lack of awareness and difficulties in communicating their thoughts and feelings. 

Being able to express them to others helps you have more connected and satisfying relationships with other people and greater success at work. 


My Style of Therapy

My goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable so that you are free to express yourself fully in the therapy room. The more open you are with me, the more quickly you will feel better within yourself, within your relationships, and in other aspects of your life.

I do “deep” work with my individual and group therapy clients in order to help solve problems at their core preventing many of them from recurring. This often means therapy is a longer-term process. I want you to achieve profound healing, so your problems don’t come back to haunt you.

My clients often talk about how their relationship with me has helped them see themselves in a more positive light, and how it has transformed their lives.

My Therapy Approaches

Modern Analytic Group Psychotherapy

I am a Modern Analytic Group Psychotherapist who practices individual therapy, couples, and group psychotherapy. This approach is informed by over 120 years of psychoanalytic thought, research, and experience.

Modern Analytic Group Psychotherapy focuses on how our early relationships with our family of origin impact on our thoughts and feelings in both conscious and unconscious ways. One way that we work to heal your relationships from the past is through the quality of your relationship with me in the therapy process.

Analytic therapy takes time, but it is a highly effective way of achieving lasting change because it treats the root cause of your problems.

Group Psychotherapy

As a certified group psychotherapist, I offer two therapy groups for gay men as well as three “mixed” groups for men and women.

Group therapy provides a safe place for you to better understand how you relate to others and how to improve your relationship skills.

A therapy group helps to reduce isolation by allowing you to see that your problems are similar to others. A group can also be a safe place to seek support and experiment with different ways of being.

Click here to learn more about group therapy and see what groups are currently being offered.

Eye Movement and Desensitization Therapy (EMDR)

I am also a trained EMDR therapist. EMDR is backed by over 3 decades of research. It can be extremely effective at helping you resolve disturbing or traumatic events that occurred as a child or in your adult life. I utilize EMDR in my therapy sessions where appropriate.

Therapy can be the key that transforms your life. If you think we may be a good fit for therapy, contact me.