Relationship Counseling

You can have a happier relationship, starting now.
Relationships don’t have to be a struggle. They don’t have to hurt. They don’t have to rob you of enjoyment in your life.

If you have a relationship problem, you might fit into one of these categories:

  • You’re tired of the endless conflict in your relationship
  • You have grown apart from your partner or your sex life has declined
  • Your heart is broken; perhaps you’ve been cheated on or abandoned by your partner
  • You’re wondering if you should stay in or leave a relationship
  • You’re single, but want a relationship that is better than you’ve had in the past
  • You’re an LGBTQ person who wants an LGBTQ relationship therapist

Relationships are not easy.

In fact, they can be very difficult at times. They can hurt you deeply. You certainly are not alone if you find yourself troubled by them.

If you are in a relationship, you may long to have more harmony and a deeper connection. You want to feel closer to your partner. To love and be loved.

If you are single, you may be hurting and want the loneliness to stop. You want to feel good again. If you are thinking of starting a new relationship you may want to break unhealthy patterns from the past.

If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, you want someone who understands the unique problems you experience in relationships. I am a therapist who has a lot of experience and expertise in the LGBTQ community. I can help you with your problems as an LGBTQ person, so you can have a happy, healthy relationship like the one you long for.

Whatever your relationship problems are, as a relationship and couples counselor, I can help you as you work towards solving your problems.

Imagine what your life can be like when your relationships are easier. You can be happier and feel more secure and confident. You can have more freedom and energy to enjoy your life.

Relationship Therapy can help:

Couples in Trouble – Straight, Gay, Married or Living Together:

  • Improve your ability to really listen and hear one another
  • Resolve conflict in a healthy way
  • Deepen your connection to each other emotionally and sexually
  • Have more fun together
  • Feel hopeful about your future together

Individuals Struggling with Intimate Relationships:

  • Heal past wounds so that you can be free to have caring relationships
  • Get clear on what you want in a relationship, and how to get it
  • Feel more confident and secure in yourself
  • Express your desires clearly and openly
  • Be more loving and have more love

Individuals Having Problems with Family, Work Colleagues or Friends:

  • Be more accepting of yourself and confident with others
  • Discover how to “fit in” better in social situations and become more comfortable
  • Develop skills to resolve conflict with family, work colleagues, and others
  • Heal pain and turmoil stemming from your family of origin
  • Overcome negative patterns of relating to others

Contact me today for the first appointment, and we’ll see how I can help you find your way to a more fulfilling relationship and a happier life.