LGBTQ Counseling

Queer Spoken Here!
I welcome LGBTQ and transgendered / non-binary / genderqueer clients.

I’ve worked with many, many LGBTQs at Waterloo Counseling Center, UT Austin, and the Veteran’s Administration over the past 20 years and I’m very familiar with the wide variety of issues that LGBTQs face, including:

  • Coming out to self, family, friends, and work
  • Learning to live a fully integrated life
  • Relationship issues, including when you or your partner are not completely out
  • Parenting issues
  • Issues with sex – physical intimacy, differences in libido, and feeling comfortable with one’s body
  • Moving on after relationships end
  • The wonderful world of dating
  • Overcoming internalized homophobia

I welcome transgendered / non-binary / genderqueer clients as well.

I have worked with quite a few trans/non-binary/genderqueer clients over the years who are interested in beginning hormone therapy, who want to live somewhere on the gender continuum, or who want to fully transition.

“What if I’m not okay with being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered?”

I’ve worked with many, many clients who have struggled with this issue, and I encourage you to take your time if you aren’t sure how you want to describe or identify yourself. I meet my clients where they are – providing support, encouragement, and space to explore and grow. My goal is to help you fully accept and love yourself wherever you want to locate yourself on the sexual orientation matrix.

A note on reparative therapy, or so-called “recovery from homosexuality:”

There is no evidence at all that reparative therapy works, and in fact there is significant clinical and anecdotal evidence that it is harmful. It is unethical to practice reparative therapy, and I strongly denounce anyone who tries to change your sexual orientation.

Contact me today for the first appointment, and we’ll see how I can help you find your way to a more fulfilling relationships and a happier life.